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Deer Cove Trailhead, California Hiking Trail Information

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Deer Cove Trailhead

The entrance to longest trail network in the Monarch Wilderness, the Deer Cove trailhead is found on the shoulder of Highway 180 approximately 1.5 miles east of the Grizzly Falls recreation area. The trail immediately heads steeply uphill for several miles through Black and Live Oaks, several Pine species, Red and White Firs, and Incense Cedars. A series of switchbacks guides the trail up above Deer Cove Creek, through dense forest and past excellent views of the Monarch Divide and Kings Canyon. Past Wildman Meadow, a very strenuous hike will take you all the way up Grizzly Lakes and the 11,000ft. peak of Mount Harrington. There are several access routes into the heart of the Kings Canyon backcountry via this trail as well.

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