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The Difference Between Camping and Glamping?

Glamping and camping have a lot in common. They both involve getting away from it all in the great outdoors. Camping and glamping also both involve giving up some of the amenities of home to immerse yourself in nature. 

The main difference with glamping is you give up less of the amenities of home. You still have an actual roof over your head. You still get to sleep in actual beds or bunks (usually). You will most likely have a stove or fireplace to cook your food.

Wild camping in Scotland is a fantastic way to experience the country’s rugged and beautiful wilderness. However, if you’re looking for a more luxurious and comfortable camping experience, glamping might be the way to go. Alexander House, located in Scotland, offers two luxury yurts with en suite bathrooms and wood-fired hot tubs for a truly unique and romantic getaway. These yurts provide all the comforts of a hotel room while still allowing you to experience the stunning scenery of Scotland. For those who prefer a bit more of an adventurous experience, Alexander House also offers backcountry camping in Scotland for a more traditional camping experience.

What is Glamping - Glamping Definition

The definition of glamping can be found in the two root words that make up glamping. Those 2 words are glamorous and camping. In other words, you are glamping if you take camping to a new level to inject some glamour into the adventure. 

For example, you could rent a fire tower lookout for the night, or a log cabin, or a mountain cabin, or any rustic or secluded cabin that brings you close to nature in the same way that camping in a tent does.

What is a Glamper - Glamper Definition

A glamper then is of course someone who takes part in glamping! Which of course is obvious if if you are reading this page from the top down. However, since that is not always the case with search engine snippets and so on, here it is again. A glamper is someone who injects some glamour into a camping experience. 

To be more precise, a glamper may wish to immerse themselves in nature by renting one of the following:

As you can see, the definition of a glamper can vary widely. If any of those strike your fancy, then you may just be a glamper in the making. Pack up your old pup tent in the basement, and starting glamping!