Mt. Baden Powell via Vincent's Gap, California Hiking Trails Info, Map & More

Mt. Baden Powell via Vincent’s Gap, California Hiking Trail Information

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Mt. Baden Powell via Vincent’s Gap

Mt. Baden Powell via Vincent’s Gap

At a Glance:

Distance: 8 miles (one-way)
Difficulty: Medium
Total Climbing: 2,765 feet
Highest Elevation: 9,356 feet

What to Expect

What to Expect

This iconic Southern California hike intersects with two nationally recognized trails, the Pacific Crest Trail and the Silver Moccasin trail as it winds its way up towards the summit of Mt. Baden-Powell. 

The trail is the most difficult route to the summit but is the most popular way to reach the top. This 8-mile trek features 35 switchbacks up the north face of one of the tallest mountains in the San Gabriels. Those attempting this “must-do” hike will find the beginning part of the hike the most difficult with the rest being slightly easier. The trail will take backpackers under the spine of the ridge through stands of Jeffrey, Ponderosa, and Lodgepole pines. What’s more, be sure to stop and admire the 1,500-year-old Limber pine at the timberline. 

Fun fact: Mt. Baden-Powell is named after Lord Robert Baden-Powell in 1931. He was the founder of the modern Boy Scouts and as such the trail is well-maintained by Boy Scout groups. A monument lies in his honor near the summit of his named mountain.

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