Cook Lake Trailhead (Trail #88), South Dakota Hiking Trails Info, Map & More

Cook Lake Trailhead (Trail #88), South Dakota Hiking Trail Information

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Cook Lake Trailhead (Trail #88)

The Cook Lake Trailhead provides access to Trail 88. Cook Lake Trail is a 1.0 mile trail with some stairs and a stepping-stone crossing of Beaver Creek, the lake’s inlet.  The trail generally parallels the lakeshore on the south, east, north, and northwest sides of the lake. Hikers using the trail must “double-back” since the analysis of and safety precautions for a landslide southwest of the lake now bars hiking on the southwest segment of the lakeshore. Much of Trail 88 is fully accessible on the lake’s south and east shores. There are opportunities to see various breeds of ducks and geese, and osprey, blue heron, and bald eagles.  In the water near the shore, very large fish called white amur are often seen.  These hybrid fish are distant relatives of carp and were introduced into the lake about 15 years ago to help control aquatic vegetation. The Forest Service allows non-motorized boating. Toilets are available at the Cook Lake Recreation Area.

Mountain lions, although rarely seen, also call this area home.

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