Lower Lake Mary Picnic Area, Arizona Hiking Trails Info, Map & More

Lower Lake Mary Picnic Area, Arizona Hiking Trail Information

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Location: 8 miles southeast of Flagstaff on paved roads. Elevation is 7,000 feet.

GPS (Map): 35°06’39.9″N 111°35’01.9″W

Access: Drive 8 miles south from Flagstaff on Forest Highway 3 (Lake Mary Road). The access road to the picnic area is located just south of FR 132.

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Lower Lake Mary Picnic Area

This picnic area is conveniently close to Flagstaff and offers access to a number of different areas where you can enjoy your favorite outdoor recreation. When Lower Lake Mary has water in it, it’s a popular place to fish for catfish and trout, depending on which has been stocked most recently. When it’s dry, it’s a good place to fly a kite. Lake Mary Road has wide paved shoulders and makes an excellent place to bike, roller blade or jog. Not too far away you’ll find the Sandy’s Canyon Trail which leads into an area of picturesque small canyons, big trees, and even bigger views. All this activity has been known to cause forest visitors to work up quite an appetite, hence the need for a picnic area.

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