First Crossing Day Use Picnic Area, California Hiking Trails Info, Map & More

First Crossing Day Use Picnic Area, California Hiking Trail Information

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First Crossing Day Use Picnic Area

The First Crossing Day Use Area is a 16 acre day use picnic site located off Paradise Road just before the first Santa Ynez River crossing ford. 

The First Crossing Day Use Area is open all year.  During high river flows Paradise Road is closed to motorized vehicles at the river ford and this facility becomes the “end of the road” for visitor vehicle access.

The site is adjacent to the Santa Ynez river and trails provide access to the river.

The facility has 50 picnic tables at 13 picnic sites accommodating 16 to 24 people each.  The site consists of 130 parking spaces with one trailer parking space.  There are three vault toilet buildings.

The interior roads and parking spurs are paved, all walkways are concrete and the entire site is accessible. The site is designed for large extended family groups. 

There are three large garbage dumpsters located throughout the site. There is no electricity or phone service to the site. 

Area amenities:  Picnic tables, BBQs, Parking, trash, hiking trails, water play.

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