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Schultz Tank

Schultz Tank is a man-made pond nestled between the San Francisco Peaks and Dry Lake Hills at Schultz Pass. Two earthen dams create a pair of reservoirs along the drainage. The smaller upper tank is often dry. The larger lower tank may vary throughout the season, filling to overflowing after heavy winters, and rarely completely empty in dry years. 

The tank is a haven for wildlife. A few ducks will live on the pond through the summer months. Small birds can usually be seen cavorting over the pond chasing flying insects. On quiet days, elk and deer may appear in the twilight hours. To ensure wildlife have access to water, state law prohibits camping within a quarter mile of a wildlife tank. Schultz Tank is day use only. Camping is prohibited here.

The views of the San Francisco Peaks here are fantastic. The only amenity here is a toilet at the parking lot. If you come for a picnic, make sure to bring a picnic blanket and drinking water. 

Several trails can be accessed from the Schultz Tank Trailhead, which is just a half mile east of the Sunset Trailhead:

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