We all want to make our lives practical, productive, and easy. Thus, we stuff our homes with different utensils that serve that purpose. One of them is to have high-quality knives in the kitchen. There are various types of knives that are purposed to cut bread, fish, meat, and so on. If your knife isn’t sharp enough, or it is not durable, you should never buy it at all!

You need only top-quality knives, so have to conduct decent research. Thus, you can visit knifegeek for a close review of various knife brands. The choice is rich, and you may need to check them in detail. As for now, we will highlight the top knife manufacturers at the moment.


The first brand we’d like to represent is Wüsthof. This is a German manufacturer, which is very popular in Europe, as well as in other parts of the globe. It has well-established fame because it always provides its clients with the high-quality of its products.

One cannot say that its knives are all that stylish and eye-catching. Yet, they are durable and sharp for a long period of time. They are famous for being hard and effective in slicing, dicing, and all. They can be used in a variety of ways, for instance, for rough chopping, and so on. The knives of this brand can easily cut through all kinds of meat straight to the bone in just one movement.

The knives are sleek and sturdy. One can buy them at different prices. A lot depends on the purpose you have. The average price is $200.


You surely know that Japanese knives are famous all around the world. They are sharp, durable, as well as stylish, and attractive. Thus, Enso is probably the best among Japanese makers of knives.

The choice is rich and vivid. The best offer is to buy a Damascus knife set, which suits all possible purposes in the kitchen and costs only $1,000. This price is a rarity because most brands set quite costly prices for large sets. So, it’s a nice chance to save up your money and get everything you may need to cut.

The steel is hammered. Enso utilizes 37 coats of stainless steel. So, its products are quite thin but durable and effective at the same time. Check all its sets or buy separate items. The choice is rich. You can find ergonomic and sharp options for daily use.


This is another German manufacturer of knives, which stars its history from the 1700s! It’s one of the oldest and most highly reputed brands in the world. It always provides unique and useful collections of forged knives. For example, it has a famous series – the Zwilling Four Star.

It is famous for its molded plastic handle, as well as a special bolster to protect your fingers. It’s important because these knives are very sharp and remain effective for a long time. Of course, the price for this brand isn’t too cheap. It’s over the average market price. Nevertheless, it’s worth a try for its durability and quality. The long-lasting products of this brand are worth paying a bit more than common. You will never regret that decision.

Chicago Cutlery

This is another popular and reliable brand. Its reputation is always high because all the knife series it produces are of the highest possible quality. You will enjoy a rich choice of sets. The steel isn’t stamped but forged. It is attractive and pleasant to the eye. The price barely reaches $200 for its most popular sets on Amazon. So, you do not pay too much for knives of outstanding quality.

You will be able to enjoy sets that contain 16-, 17-, 18-piece options. They include all the necessary knife types, such as chef, santoku, paring, and others. The brand offers more than 12 different large collections. This brand is very competitive and can be fully trusted.

Yoshihiro Cutlery

This is another representative of Japan. It can be trusted because millions of customers from all around the globe choose it. The brand is famous for its vividness. We mean the choice of knives and sets it offers.

One of the most important benefits is its price policy. Unlike various competitors, its authorities try to meet the financial possibilities of all customers. The prices vary from $100 to $250. So, you can enjoy the desired flexibility in choosing the most suitable option for you.

As usual, you will enjoy the incredible quality of reactive high-carbon steel. The blades are razor-sharp, durable, and reliable. They easily cut through any kind of meat right to the bone. You can acquire various kinds that serve all the purposes one can imagine in the kitchen.

The main drawback of the brand is the absence of discounts for essential duos. Yet, this con is not critical. We can bet its quality and diversity easily outweigh the absence.

Five Two

This brand is relatively new to the market. It all started only in 2018. Nonetheless, the progress is really significant. So, we have included it in our list. In fact, many other reviews include it in at least the top 10 knife brands.

Its items easily solve whatever problems a chef may face in the kitchen. The brand offers a wide range of options from classic knives to modern and unique. They are all pleasing to the eye and will add a special sense to your kitchen.

You will have a rich choice of colors and models. The knives can be adjusted to any tasks you set. The prices are quite affordable and you won’t spend a lot.


Our list of recommendations ends with Shun. This is another sought-after Japanese brand. With the experience of over 20 years, it’s one of the leaders in the market. It offers a wide spectrum of items. The prices are sometimes quite high — $350. Nevertheless, steel is durable and reliable.