There is nothing like a cozy mountain cabin rental to come home to after a day of hiking, biking, or whatever mountain top adventures you have in mind.

Explore the mountain cabin rentals on this page, organized by state to help you find the best mountain cabin rental near you. Be sure to click through to the full descriptions before reserving. Access & amenities vary widely.

Mountain cabin rentals come in all shapes, sizes & locations. If you are looking for high vantage point mountain top cabin rentals, see details at the bottom of this page.


76 Montana Mountain Cabin Rentals

Looking for an amazing outdoor experience in the Montana mountains? This page features 76 marvelous mountain cabins that you can rent, right in heart of scenic Montana.  These mountain cabins were built and are maintained by the US Forest Service. During the summer a variety of recreational opportunities exist in the

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15 Colorado Mountain Cabin Rentals

The Colorado mountains have long been an adventurer’s paradise. There is no better way to enjoy these awe-inspiring mountains than from a sturdy cabin you call home.  This page features 15 cabins in the Colorado mountains that you can reserve from here.  Be sure to click through on each Colorado

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11 Amazing Arizona Mountain Cabin Rentals

This page features 11 amazing mountain cabins in the Arizona mountains. You can reserve yours online from here. With miles upon miles of national forest and park lands to explore, visitors have no shortage of outdoor activities to choose from.  Be sure to click through on each Colorado mountain cabin

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84 Alaska Mountain Cabin Rentals

See the Alaska mountains as you’ve never seen them before, from a mountain cabin rental in the heart of the amazing Alaska mountains. Glaciers and peaks around the cabins offer experienced climbers a challenging adventure. This page features 84 mountain cabin rentals in the heart of the Alaska mountains that

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32 Inspiring Idaho Mountain Cabin Rentals

Discover these 32 Idaho mountain cabin rentals and experience the scenic & secluded Idaho mountains in a comfortable setting.  The surrounding areas offer a myriad of recreational opportunities. Nearby trails attract mountain bikers, hikers and off-road vehicle enthusiasts. Snowmobiling and cross-country skiing are popular winter activities. Be sure to click through

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11 Cool California Mountain Cabin Rentals

See the California mountains from the comfort of a mountain cabin rental. Enjoy some down home amenities while exploring the California mountain regions.  This page features 11 cool cabins in the scenic California mountains.  Be sure to click through on each California mountain cabin rental below to read the full

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30 Mountain Cabin Rentals in Scenic Oregon

Explore the Oregon mountains in style with a mountain cabin rental as your home base, right in the middle of it all.  This page features 30 mountain cabin rentals in scenic Oregon. Perfect for hiking or fishing for steelhead and rainbow trout, the Oregon recreation areas these mountain cabins belong to have

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6 Mountain Cabin Rentals in Scenic Utah

See the Utah mountains like you’ve never seen them before, from a mountain cabin rental in the heart of scenic Utah.   Discover abundant opportunities for hiking, fishing, mountain biking, and horseback riding. This page features 6 US Forest Service cabins in Utah that you can rent for reasonable rates. Be

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12 Mountain Cabin Rentals in Scenic Washington State

The majestic mountain areas of Washington state are inspiring to behold. These 12 mountain cabin rentals make a great home base from which to do so.  During the summer months, horseback riding or hiking in the wilderness are popular pastimes. In winter, enjoy snowmobiling on groomed trails, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing.

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13 Mountain Cabin Rentals in Scenic Wyoming

With some of the most spectacular scenery in America, Wyoming is an excellent place to rent a mountain cabin for some well deserved R & R. There is no better way to enjoy these awe-inspiring mountains than from a sturdy cabin you call home. This page features 13 Wyoming mountain cabin rentals. Be

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Mountain Top Cabin Rentals

If you are truly looking for a mountain top cabin rental with all that vantage point has to offer, you may want to consider our fire watch tower lookout rentals. These are old fire lookouts no longer used for fire detection, but instead are now rented out to visitors. You will get no better mountain top vantage point of the surrounding area than you will with a high elevation fire watch tower lookout!